College Funding for TRIO Students

TASSSP and Sixup are working to make TRIO programs in Texas aware of Uploan™ and to help students secure the funding they need to go college, persist, and graduate. With Uploan™ students can take the financial burden off their families because they don't need a co-signer or a parent to help them apply. Sixup rewards students for academic success.


Uploan™ is unlike any other college financial aid. We invest in students to pursue and achieve their desired outcomes regardless of family background. We're looking for high-achieving, motivated students from low-income families; students who could excel in college, but may never get the chance simply because they don't have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Uploan™ is designed for TRIO and other low-income first generation students who:

Uploan™ features include:

Uploan™ eligibility requirements: